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    Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development.

    Discover our pioneering work in SSCP and MMPVs.

  • Our Technologies

    At FF Biotherapeutics, we are pioneering the future of immunological defense with a suite of groundbreaking innovations. Leveraging cutting-edge science and technology, we are shaping a new era of vaccine and therapeutic strategies, employing unique methods such as Synthetic Standardized Convalescent Plasma (SSCP), and Multi-Peptide Vaccines (MMVs)/T4-based Multi-Peptide Vaccines (MPV) for viral threats. Explore our revolutionary pipeline that promises to redefine the fight against infectious diseases and malignancy.

    Mucosal Multi-Peptide Vaccine (MMPV): SARS-COV-2

    Our SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine harnesses a multi-epitope approach to effectively target various virus components. Designed to combat COVID-19, including emerging variants, it represents a significant advancement in pandemic response and global health security.

    Standardized Synthetic Convalescent Plasma (SSCP)

    Explore our Synthetic Standardized Convalescent Plasma (SSCP): A novel approach in antibody therapy, offering standardized, scalable solutions for infectious diseases and cancer.

    Mucosal Multi-Peptide Vaccine (MMPV): HSV-1/2

    Learn about our Multi-Peptide Vaccines (MMPVs): Innovative vaccines targeting multiple viral proteins for comprehensive protection against evolving pathogens.

    T4-based MPV: HPAI

    Our HPAI T4-Phage Based Vaccine stands out for its multi-epitope targeting strategy, utilizing bacteriophage T4 technology. This approach offers comprehensive protection against diverse strains of avian influenza, showcasing an innovative leap in avian flu prevention and control.

  • Our Vision

    Envisioning a future where advanced immunotherapies redefine healthcare, FF Biotherapeutics aims to be at the vanguard of creating innovative, patient-centered treatments. Our vision is to lead in pioneering new approaches to combating infectious diseases and cancer, effectively bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and tangible medical solutions. We aspire to be more than innovators; we aim to be catalysts for change, fostering collaborations that not only accelerate development and delivery of life-changing treatments but also push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

  • Meet Our Team

    At FF Biotherapeutics, we are driven by a dedicated and visionary leadership team. Dr. Scott N. Freeman, PhD, our CEO and Co-Founder, is based in Massachusetts, US, and brings a wealth of experience in cancer biology, regulatory affairs, orphan drugs/rare diseases, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and experimental therapeutics. His extensive research and studies at Moffitt Cancer Center and the FDA as well as time in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting have paved the way for the development of our groundbreaking treatments. Joining him is Dr. Ingo Fricke, MS, PhD, our CSO and Co-Founder, who is based in Germany. With expertise in immunology, tumor biology, cancer biology, chemistry, and an extensive publication record, Dr. Fricke has been instrumental in shaping our innovative product pipeline. Together, our leadership team is committed to driving positive change and delivering transformative solutions to address serious diseases of unmet need.

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    Name: Dr. Scott N. Freeman, PhD

    Role: CEO & Co-Founder

    Bio: Dr. Scott N. Freeman, the dynamic force behind FF Biotherapeutics, exemplifies a blend of creativity, determination, and visionary leadership. A music aficionado from a young age, he mastered the electric guitar by age 12 and played in various bands across Michigan. His musical journey took him to Germany, where he deepened his skills in bass guitar, drumming, audio mixing, and production, eventually leading to the establishment of his own music studio.


    Beyond the musical realm, Dr. Freeman is a passionate swimmer, averaging an impressive 4 miles weekly, reflecting his commitment to a balanced lifestyle of art and athleticism.


    At the heart of his world are his two boys, with whom he shares his diverse interests, fostering a close-knit family bond.


    In his professional role at FF Biotherapeutics, Dr. Freeman integrates his diverse experiences and creative energy to drive innovative healthcare solutions, impacting lives globally with a focus on improving patient outcomes.

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    Name: Dr. Ingo Fricke, MS, PhD

    Role: CSO & Co-Founder

    Bio: Dr. Ingo Fricke, with his profound expertise in immunology, tumor biology, and chemistry, serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at FF Biotherapeutics. As a co-founder, Dr. Fricke has been instrumental in shaping the company's scientific vision and research direction. With an extensive background in biological sciences, he has played a pivotal role in the development of FF Biotherapeutics' groundbreaking immunotherapy and vaccine technologies.


    His contributions to the company's innovative product pipeline reflect his deep understanding of disease mechanisms and his commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. Dr. Fricke's leadership in the research team is marked by a blend of scientific rigor and creative problem-solving, driving the company's efforts in addressing some of the most challenging health issues.


    Under Dr. Fricke's guidance, FF Biotherapeutics continues to explore new frontiers in biotechnology, making significant strides in the field of immunotherapy and vaccine development.

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